What to Wear to a Wedding

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The wedding season is coming and the invitations are pretty and sweet.
What to wear to a wedding party? Here are some tips from the expert.

If there’s a dress code stated in the invitation, follow it. 

Black tie 
Go glamorous if you are invited to a black tie wedding party. Every female guest will attend the wedding in a dark color evening gown (not necessarily black at all). Sometime a very sophisticated cocktail dress may be acceptable. However, it needs to be really sophisticated and glamorous. If unsure, double check with the bride or the other invited guests. It’s a crime to dress down in such an occasion.
Black tie Dress UCGALA1304 Unielle Couture

White tie
It’s not very common to have white tie as the wedding dress code. In case you see it in the invitation, pay extra attention. It is the most formal dress code, where ladies will need to wear sophisticated long gowns with statement-piece jewelry’s.

Sarah van Tijn at Golden Globe  2014

Sarah van Tijn at Golden Globe 2014 | Photo Credit: William Rutten Photography

There’s lots of flexibility for you to style yourself. Be less traditional and dare to wear bold colors. Accessorize with fun and flashy jewelry’s. It’s about having a good time.

Marchesa | Available via net-a-porter.com

The bride and groom want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable. That still means NO T-shirt, shorts or jeans. A silk satin/chiffon/organza dress will be very much appreciated. Cotton print or jersey will be fine as well. You can also mix and match a lovely top with a skirt.

Casual Dress Wedding Guest

Boss Orange | Available via de Bijenkorf

Beach formal
Please do not show up wearing your old beach sandals and sun dress. Your outfit needs to be comfortable and beach-appropriate, as well as classic and elegant. A layered chiffon/crepe maxi dress with a crystalized flat or wedge sandal will be ideal.

Etro Beach Casual Wedding Guest

Etro | Available via net-a-porter.com

If there’s no dress code specified, the following FAQs are answered.

Can I wear black to a wedding?

Who doesn’t have an elegant and smart little black dress? We love to wear it to many parties and casual occasions. However, taken as well a color to a funeral, is it still appropriate to a wedding? It depends on the small details on the dress.

Sequined little black dresses are great choices. They are light and fun. Laces are elegant and romantic elements appropriate for wedding parties. With some colorful accessories, a simple black cocktail dress would also be fine.


Can I wear white to a wedding?

Though white, in many cases, is the color for the bride, there is possibility of wearing it as a guest. Make sure it doesn’t look like a wedding dress. Avoid strapless neckline and plain white/off-white/ivory lace. Have a sneak peek of the bride’s wedding dress before the wedding if unsure. Wear colorful fashion accessories to spice up the look. You’ll attract the right attention at the party.


 Can I wear jeans to a wedding?

Jeans, as well as flip-flops, are absolutely inappropriate to any weddings regardless the locations or wedding styles. If you are attending, do show some respects to the bride & groom and other guests.

If you don’t like dress nor high heels, try a fashionable jumpsuit in great quality and color. Avoid cheap light fabrics and floral prints. Match up classy accessories to balance the casual style.


Can I wear pantsuits to a wedding?

Even you look beautiful and smart in business pantsuits, this is not an occasion to wear them. A lace skirt with a jacket would offer you very similar smart look yet more joyful to join the celebration.



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