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A beautiful wedding always includes perfection-to-detail decoration and moderate styling with fresh flowers. A professional wedding florist would offer you her expertise and the best advices on the choice of flowers based on the wedding location, season and style. I enjoyed my interview with Danielle van der Lee about her business and her speciality in wedding flower decoration.

Q: What motivates you as a professional florist?
A: Flowers give people a good feeling. The look and smell of flowers are memorable and life-time associated with the wedding day. I love working with flowers to play a significant part on the memorable day.

Q: What’s your expertise?
A: I like to make a wedding bouquet very personal. It could be a detail from the wedding dress or the wedding invitation. I also use certain flowers in the decoration, if they were the favorite ones of certain deceased family member.

Q: What’s the starting rate for a bridal bouquet?
A: €125 

Q: What kind of relationship do you build with your clients?
A: I’d like to meet the bride and groom in their ‘own surroundings’,so that I can get a good ‘feeling’ and a better understanding of their lifestyle and wishes. Then I make the best floral translation possible of their personality and give my clients the feeling that their flower arrangements are exactly how they wanted them to be. 

Q: Please offer ONE tip to expat brides who’s planning a wedding in the Netherlands?
A: Don’t leave the flower shopping to the last minute. Every good florist has his/her own style and specialties. You might want to meet two or three before making the confirmation. Make sure there is a good connection and understanding with the florist to get the dream decoration come true.

Q: What do you like the most about Amsterdam?
A: The relaxed atmosphere and multi-cultural society. There’s always something fun going on.

Contact Danielle for an appointment

Phone: +31 (0)6 53 86 96 20
Address: Salomonsakker 18, 5321 WK Hedel, The Netherlands

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