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Sugarlips Wedding Cakes

An interview with Tammy Trinh

Q: What motivates you as a professional wedding cake artist?
A: I absolutely love creating something that is completely customized to a couple. No two couples are the same. It is really unique to see how different personalities can be represented in cakes, and I love making something that will be memorable for each individual couple.

Q: What’s your expertise?
A: I am professionally trained as an artist as well as a patisserie chef. I have a true passion for both baking and art, and they get combined wonderfully into the art of cake making!

Q: What’s the starting rate for a wedding cake?
A: Our stacked wedding cakes start at €5,50 per person. Our dessert tables start at €8,50 per person for 3-4 items a person. It really depends on a couples desired design what the final cost will be but we always try to work as best as possible with designated budgets!

Q: What kind of relationship do you build with your clients?
A: Our motto has always been that “it is all about the client”. We make something that is memorable for you and something special that you will always remember. We make sure our clients have no concerns or anxiety when it comes to their order and we do so by making sure we are thorough in the lead-up to the wedding and most importantly, easily accessible.

Q: Please offer ONE tip to expat brides who’s planning a wedding in the Netherlands?
A: Choose a vendor who is willing to help you and clear all your anxieties, especially if you are planning a wedding abroad.

Q: What do you like the most about Amsterdam?
A: Diversity. There are so many different options when it comes to Amsterdam. Whatever your dream wedding is, you can find it in Amsterdam. Anything is possible!

Contact Tammy for an appointment

Phone: +31 (0)620423402
Address: Jansveld 49, 3512 BE Utrecht

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