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In Singapore it is a common practice to have a ROM (registration of marriage) ceremony about 1 year before the grand wedding dinner ceremony. I can’t hold the excitement to share with you this fabulous solemnization of marriage ceremony.

Rachel is the lovely bride from Singapore. Simon is the handsome groom from England. It was fate that they met and fell in love with each other. It is such an honor for me to interview them about their Singaporean wedding celebration experience.

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Marry the girl, marry the family too.

I asked Simon about the most interesting thing he finds through the experience of following a Singaporean-Chinese tradition of ROM.

The culture difference and learning to let go of my personal expectations about how a wedding should be. I had to understand and respect that I was marrying someone with very different traditions.  It had been an extremely enriching experience that when I marry a Chinese girl, I was essentially also marrying the family.  I really love the effort that Chinese put into weddings, that it is a very familial thing. The sequence of events and what are considered important to a Chinese family are significantly different from a western family. It is nice that a Chinese wedding day consist of more than just two of you, it is also about introducing yourself formally to new relatives you acquired through the marriage.

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Treat the wedding as a project. Work as a team.

Simon & Rachel flew from Amsterdam back to Singapore one week before the wedding ceremony. I asked Rachel specifically about her remote-planning of everything including decorations, flowers, invitation etc.

Initially, it was very daunting and I had absolutely no idea where or how to begin planning.  I felt like I was on the edge of turning into a bridezilla before the wedding planning even started.  Thankfully, Simon and I always work as a team.  The first thing we did was to sit down and treat this wedding as a project.  We set a timeline of tasks leading up to the wedding, broke down the sequence of events to bite sized chunks and each took responsibility of different tasks.  For instance, I researched possible wedding venues online and emailed the venues’ catering managers and Simon woke up very early every other morning (due to the time difference) to follow up with them for quotes and more detailed information.  It may seem overtly methodized for an event like this but this structured approach helped us remained stress-free and ensured we did not miss out on any details, big or small.  Also, when I was looking for wedding inspirations, I constantly reminded myself not to paint an unrealistic picture of how I wanted the day to pan out.  By not obsessing about having the “dream wedding”, I avoided becoming disappointed and frustrated when things did not go my way.

We were very fortunate that my family lives in Singapore and were able to assist us with logistics that could only be done locally in Singapore (site recces, transferring deposits to vendors).  By the time we headed to Singapore a week before the wedding, everything was more or less settled and I was able to focus on being a happy, stress-free bride!

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What touched you the most amongst all the details happened through the day?

Simon: How beautiful my bride was in her dress and how genuinely happy our families and friends were for us.

Rachel: How altruistic my family was to provide us with all the help we needed to ensure the day was a success.  The happiness and smiles that were etched on their faces made me very proud and forever grateful to have such a supportive family.  I feel very fortunate and will remember this day forever.

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I was wondering whether there was a thing that Simon would prefer not to do or arrange if not because it’s a local tradition. He answered with a big smile.

To be honest, no.  Before we started planning the wedding. I did have some reservations about breaking away from what I traditionally considered as a wedding.  However, by embracing change, I realised my wedding ended up being far more memorable than if I had resisted.  If I were to plan the whole thing again knowing now what I know, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Rachel leaved one tip to brides who are organizing their wedding at a different location from their residence.

Treat your wedding planning as a project – Work as a team with your husband, after all he is going to be on your team for the rest of your life! Trust, communicate effectively and delegate. Don’t stress out on the small details and know remote planning always have its challenges and disadvantages. Enjoy the planning process and focus on the most important thing, which is you are marrying the man of your dreams.

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The Vendor List

LocationThe Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Photographer: Eirik Tan
Wedding Dress: Unielle Couture
Suit : Hugo Boss
Flowers: Center pieces by Fullerton Hotel, bouquet and boutonnieres by The Olive3

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