Adriaan & Anna | Organic Bushveld Wedding | Johannesburg

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If you are a fan of outdoor wedding and looking for something extraordinary rather than a garden in the modern city, check out Adriaan & Anna’s bushveld wedding in South Africa.

Enjoy the landscape of well-grassed plain with clusters of trees and tall shrubs. The wedding venue “Waterberg Bushveld Retreat” is an eco-friendly park owned by a Dutch family, situated 270 kilometers north of Johannesburg.

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Setting up in a tent with cute grass stools, the wedding decoration is organic and delicate with color theme ivory and green with pink and gold accentuation. Everything mixed naturally into the openness of the bushveld background. We give credit to “Dream Weddings & Events Decor Hire” for the beautiful wedding decoration.

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Organic and romantic were the keywords for the overall wedding styling. Anna’s wedding dress was made of 100% silk crepe with French lace halter-neck beaded with Swarovski crystals details, hand-sewed by Unielle Couture. Love the low back design. Anna has the perfect figure to show off. Wonder how she made it possible? Check out Soul Train Fitness Amsterdam for her secrets.

With a bit DIY work, Anna made use of the same lace for her gloves and scattered small lace flowers on her silver heels. A little touch of personalization transformed everything to unique existence in the world. We absolutely adore such bridal fashion attitude and the creativity and efforts involved.

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Bridal fashion includes not only the wedding dress and the bridal shoes, but also the scent and the flowers. A bridal bouquet with various shades of pink roses brightened up vividly the quietness in the atmosphere.

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We love Adriaan’s out of the box wedding suit. Not strictly inline with wedding color theme, the blue and orange added interesting variation to the visual effect. Would it be considered a touch of the Dutch accent?

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Get inspired to arrange your own bushveld wedding? Some tips for you to get started.

  • A great wedding planner is top on the list. As your point of local contact, she’s making sure the setup, the decorations and all vendors involved deliver their best products and services on schedule. Jo-Anne [+27 (0)82 855 9470] and Nel-Marie  [+27(0)78 373 4132] from “Dream Weddings & Events Decor Hire” are specialized in wedding planning and decoration in Limpopo area. Leave the local tasks to the local expert.
  • Keep the wedding small and intimate. It will be lots of coordination to have more than 50 guests flying from all over the world to the wedding location. Invite only close family and friends. Make it an unforgettable life experience for everyone.
  • Hire an exceptionally talented wedding photographer. You would want to capture every moment throughout the day because it’s so beautiful.
  • Set the budget first, then choose the location and accommodation. Don’t get scared by the distances. “Nearby” in South Africa is in a larger scale, and it’s normal.

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Special thanks to Cindy Louwrens Fotografie for the breath-taking photos.
Special thanks to Adriaan and Anna for permission of sharing their beautiful bushveld wedding experience.

Founder & Editor of Expat Wedding Amsterdam, Creative Director of Unielle Couture, passionate about food and travel, coffee and high-heel addict.

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