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“Home is wherever i’m with you.”

Jie & Haozheng fell in love with each other 9 years ago in university in China. In 2009, Jie decided to go to Delft University of Technology for her master’s degree. Loving her and willing to grow together with her, Haozheng moved to the Netherlands and they settled in Delft. Newly married, it was a natural decision for them to have their wedding/love shoot in Delft, where they live and love. We absolutely adore the interesting Dutch details captured in their photos – the undutchable experiences.

Wedding flowers DIY

The beautiful and talented bride made her bouquet and flower crown by herself. Crazy about polka dots, she had her dream ivory polka dot wedding dress from Unielle Couture. Photo credits go to her friend Xue Bing who’s also a student in the university.

Interestingly they’ve designed a photo shoot script, to have a better plan of the photo scenes. What a lovely idea!

Photo shoot script

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 1

At the city hall of Delft, during the photoshoot, a group of kids in a summer camp there got curious. So they invited them to join and the kids were crazily happy.

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 2

Bicycles – one of the most symbolic detail of living in the Netherlands. There was a flower bike on the bridge at the back of the old church of Delft. It was for advertising purpose by a flower shop, and accidentally turned into a tourist attraction.

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 3

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 4

Jie and Haozheng love the Delft porcelains and antiques in this shop. The building is over 400 years old. They visit here from time to time to enjoy the treasure hunting experiences. The wooden shoes are absolutely another Dutch stamp on their photos.

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 5

The old church in Delft was a cultural venue for the couple. They came here for various exhibitions and chamber concerts.

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 6

At the Delft train station! That’s where the adventure started, the first stop where they’ve landed at the city, the starting point of their exploration around Europe.

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 7

If you’ve been to Delft, you can’t ignore the OV-bicycle office next the Delft train station. They especially love this bold cope of John Vermeer’s Girl with A Pearl Earring.

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 8

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 10

Jie Expat Wedding Delft 11

Share with us your love story or your dear friend’s fabulous wedding.

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