An Interview with Francien from The Sparkle Company

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“Be Passionate, Dream Big, Be Spontaneous, Celebrate, Change the world or Go home!”

I love Francien’s personal motto and can’t agree more about following the passion and pursuing the dream. We all just live once.

Q: What motivates you as a Wedding Designer?
A: I love making beautiful things and I want to help Bride & Groom’s to have an outstanding day complete, cared for in every detail!
It makes me happy and full of positive energy. It’s a privilege assisting the bride- & groom-to-be.

Q: What is your expertise?
A: I make unique handcrafted weddings with a personal story, by offering graphic design, wedding concepts, styling and wedding day coordination as individual service or an all-in-one package.

Q: What is your starting rate?
A: Everything is custom made, but my hourly rate is € 60,50 (incl. VAT).

Q: What kind of relationship do you have with your clients?
A: I manage an open relationship with my clients, in which they can be creative too and dare to speak out about their dreams and wishes.

Q: Please offer ONE tip to expat brides who’s planning a wedding in the Netherlands?
A: Administrative work may take time. Make sure you get the paperwork in order on time.

Q: What do you like the most about Amsterdam?
A: The beautiful canals, and the hidden authentic pearls, such as the Petruschurch at Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

Contact Francien for an appointment

Phone: +31 (0)639214455
Address: Spaarnestraat 11a (012), 3522 VB Utrecht

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