How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Tips & advice by Unielle Couture.

Probably you dreamed about your wedding dress since you were a little girl. That one, perfect dress that makes you feel like a princess..

trouwen amsterdamNow the dream is about to become a reality as your wedding day gets closer and you have to start looking for your dress.

Your wedding dress will be the most important dress of your life and you want your fiance, family and all your wedding guests to be speechless about how gorgeous you look when you enter the ceremony room.

But how to find the perfect wedding dress, the one that flatters your figure and in the style you’ve dreamed of?

First thing’s first- The more information you can provide the wedding dress style consultant you will meet with, the better.

Think about the following questions:

What’s your budget?
While organising your big day you will learn that keeping the exact budget you calculated isn’t always possible- buying your wedding dress is no different, but you should know what price range you can afford and communicate accordingly with the dress stylist.

What’s your location like?
Are you getting married barefoot on the beach or are you organising a black-tie city soiree?

How do you want to look in your dream wedding surroundings?
Do you want to be a modern, romantic or classic bride? What’s your style?
Collect pictures of your favorite dresses but stay open minded.

Wedding Dress Amsterdam

Then it’s time to learn the gown basics. This will make talking to a sales girl or dress specialist much more fluently and easy.

To help you out in the jungle of information about dress shapes, necklines, fabrics and body types we put together a small wedding dress guide to provide you with all you need to know.

The Wedding Dress Guide

A wedding dress consists of the silhouette, neckline, sleeve, train, fabric and color.

1. The gowns silhouette determines the overall shape of the dress. There are six main wedding dress silhouettes.

Bruidsjurk Silhouette

A princess wedding gown or A-line dress flatters just about every type of figure as it emphasizes the waist, hides bigger hips and adds curves to a straight body shape.

The empire waist silhouette makes petite brides look taller and bustier. It’s a great choice if you want to conceal a large waistline.

If you are looking for a dress to show off your curves and nice figure the mermaid shape is perfect for you. It will also make you look taller if you’re short and is very sexy.

A ball gown creates a classic Cinderella look and is especially good at covering up large hips.

Sheath silhouettes are elegant and straight fitted and look especially nice on tall, thin brides.

The basque waist dress looks great on a full figured bride as it shapes the upper body nicely and pulls attention to the smallest part of the body, the waist.

Short wedding dresses, ‘tea-length’ wedding dresses and mini dresses are an upcoming trend more and more brides pay attention to.

kort trouwjurken amsterdam

2. There are many different necklines you can choose from and all of them provide different looks. When choosing a neckline you should focus on what it does to frame your face. The perfect neckline for you is the one that draws attention to your face and gives a nice shape to your bust and upper body.

trouwjurken necklines

3. You can choose a wedding dress with sleeves or you can go for one without sleeves but get a matching little jacket or bolero if you want. Especially if you are getting married during winter it is nice to have a chic matching jacket so you can look perfect when you change locations or if you want to get some fresh air at some point during the reception.

4. The train of a wedding dress mostly is detachable, so if you want a super long train for your ceremony you can have it without worrying about the reception and how to dance in your dress. The train can be as long as you want it to be.

Trouwjurken sleep


5. The fabric of your wedding dress, same as the silhouette, should be suitable for your wedding style. Are you getting married in the woods then you don’t want a ball gown from stiff and formal fabric.There is a wide range of different fabrics and you should trust the advice of the wedding dress stylist. Keep in mind that good quality has a price.

6. The color of your wedding dress should suit your skin tone perfectly. Don’t put on too much makeup when you go dress shopping, without wearing foundation it will be easier to determine the right color for you, whether you want a white dress or a wedding dress in your favorite  color.

Wedding Dress White colors

 Now you are ready to go dress shopping and make appointments with bridal stores and of course you want to bring your friends along to help you pick the right dress.

The idea of having a lovely girls day shopping for beautiful gowns and sipping champagne sounds like a lot of fun and you can’t wait to start.

trouwjurken pasafspraak

 But before you invite all your friends keep in mind that by filling the room with the ones you love you also are filling it with a lot of different opinions and tastes. Be aware that only very few stores serve champagne and that most people will judge the dresses you try on based on their own taste and if they would want to wear it.

To keep the dress shopping experience fun and about what you want, it is best to choose one or two good friends whose opinion you trust to accompany the appointments.

Bruiloft Auto

 Last but not least: Don’t let anyone push you to buy a dress right away. If you aren’t sure about a dress keep looking and remember, you will find your perfect dress and you will look stunning!

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