8 Essential Food for Radiant Skin

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Today we had a wonderful nutrition seminar and Sunday brunch together with fitness expert Anna Wintermans and our expat brides. As a special healthy giveaway to the lovely brides-to-be, it was organized and hosted by Expat Wedding Amsterdam and Soul Train Fitness.

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As the European champion of BodyFitness, Anna shared her experiences and expertise in nutrition and diet that helps with body and radiant skin.

What are the top 8 food for radiant skin?

Note the following tips we took from today’s seminar.

1. Dark Chocolate

Isn’t that amazing news? Yes, dark chocolate provides high level of cocoa flavanols, which is associated with softer and more hydrated skin. A small piece per day, the perfect treat to make you happy.

2. Milk

Milk contains Vitamin B2, which is great for repairing or maintaining skin tissues.

3. Poultry

High quality proteins in chicken and turkey are important for growth, repair and maintenance of our skin. Vitamin B12 in egg yolk promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.

4. Oysters

Like it or hate it, an oyster rich diet helps maintain the collagen level in your skin. The zinc contained inside oysters keeps your hair and scalp healthy.

Nutrition Seminar Soul Train Fitness Healthy Food5. Berries

The power fruit for daily consumption! Berries contain antioxidants phytonutrients that get rid of free radicals int he blood,  guard your collagen and boost the skin repair. The secret to make your skin smooth, supple and plump, eat berries!

6. Salmon

Salmon is rich in Vitamin B12 and iron. It provides oil to your skin to lubricate and reduce inflammations causing redness, acne and rash.

7. Nuts, seeds & vegetables

If you like to snack between meals, try nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds (Non-Salted). There are various anti-inflammatory nutrients that enhance your immune system. Vitamin E also helps reduce skin flare ups.

Spinach and rucola have natural antioxidants that keep your skin radiant.

8. Carrots

Vitamin A is vital for healthy skin. Carrots contain a high amount of antioxidants that prevent damage to the skin by free radicals.

Anna also demonstrated to make the perfect vegetable smoothie, using cucumber, fennel and celery. It was really tasty! A small portion per day is enough to contribute to the body’s fitness in the long run. Every guest was enthusiastic and motivated to start the change today.

Everyone’s body is different, and every diet should be custom designed by experts.
If you are also into healthy lifestyle and training your body to prepare for the perfect wedding, make an appointment with Anna to learn more tips and tricks.

Anna Wintermans
+31 (0)6 40 55 67 61


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