3 Reasons Why Pinterest Messes Up Your Wedding Hairstyles

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We love Pinterest for wedding inspirations, the dress, the decoration, the flowers, the bridal hair and makeup. After an extensive collection of wedding hairstyles on the Pinterest board, many brides get more confused during the first trial than the start of the search. Here are the 3 reasons why Pinterest may not work for your wedding hair.

Reason 1: You were not the model in the photo.

Easily forgotten, what looks nice in the photo may not suit you. Elements such as your hair volume, color, length, shape etc. play a big part in the hairstyling. Your face and body proportion will also affect the end result.

Reason 2: You see only one-angle view in the photo.

Your bridal look is a complete package including the bridal makeup on your face and hairstyling with your own hair. You see a 360 degree overview instead of a 2D image from a specific angle. If choose a photo reference, make sure you have the front+side+back  photos to have a complete overview.

Reason 3: You see only still images.

Many hairstyles in editorial images are finished for photoshoot, which means the model remains still for one or two hours. Some are even only half finished. Some are slightly photoshopped.
Your wedding hair needs to last the whole day, so the construction method needs to be solid and practical.

Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles



Don’t be discouraged. Pinterest is still a powerful tool to get inspiration for your perfect bridal look. Just get the following questions answered before you start the mood board of wedding hairstyles.

  • How does my hair reflect light?
  • How does my hair texture affect the type of style I like?
  • Do I want my hair off my face?
  • How high and how much volume do I want for my hair?
  • How long will my hair hold a curl and how much product does my hair need?

When you start to think about these factors, stand in front of a mirror and place your hair to different areas of your head.  (To the side, try different partings, loosely or pull it tightly. See if you want a bump at the back, where do you want that bump to sit)?

A great idea is to get a friend to take some pictures or even take a few selfies yourself.

After this process you should be able to confidently verbalize what you want to discuss further with a professional hair stylist.

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